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All conflicts eventually come to conclusion - the only question is "How?"

Conflicts may resolve through the efforts of one or more of the parties.  However, they may also come to finality through societal pressure, by way of legal edict, or merely through the tortured process of time.

As one affected by conflict, you have a choice as to how this event in your life will be resolved.  By taking part in the resolution, parties are assured a measure of management and direction in the course of those decisions that will impact them.

Thus, a better quality to the resolution may be assured by way of active involvement.

Mediation is the process that provides choice to the parties involved in conflict.  This may be in its initial stages, attorney representation may be engaged by one or more individuals, or the parties may be on the verge of trial.

The mediator's role is one with no interest in the result other than to assist individuals in moving toward a possible agreement or reconciliation of their issues.  This process is private and generates no public record as to its proceedings or outcome.

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