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Mediation services include individual pre-mediation conferences with each party to discuss the process if so desired, and availability to answer any and all questions. The purpose is to alleviate any unnecessary concerns regarding mediation and provide for a comfortable and successful environment.

Each party may submit a written position statement so to frame the current status of the conflict thus allowing for a more effective use of time in session.

All communications are strictly confidential unless the party grants permission to transmit or otherwise use all or part of a communication for the purpose of moving toward a resolution.

Travel anywhere within the state of Minnesota is included in the mediation fee. There are no other additional costs or expenses.

Mediation may be conducted in that format that best affords the parties an opportunity to achieve resolution based on the nature of the controversy, the backgrounds and personalities of the parties, and, any involved counsel. The process could include aspects of the more traditional transactional focused approach, or the individual empowerment path included in the transformative model. Although different directions may offer various advantages, a skilled mediator may propose suggestions for the overall process that will assist the parties in achieving those sought after solutions and conclusion.

Follow-up sessions may be scheduled as necessary.

If the parties reach resolution, it will be reduced to writing in the form of a contractual agreement if appropriate.

All mediator notes will be destroyed and all confidentialities will be maintained.


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